Speaker NamePresentation TitleFinancial DisclosuresNon-Financial Disclosures
Katherine Bell, MDThe Role of Nutrition in Neurodevelopmental CarePresenter HonorariumNone
Melissa Bloomer, M.A., CCC- SLP, NTMTCFoundation of the Listening Touch MassageConsultant & Presenter for Creative Therapy ConsultantsNone
Mary Coughlin, MS, NNP, RNC-ETheories, Conceptual Models and Praxis for a Trauma Informed Approach to CarePresenter Honorarium

President & Founder, Caring Essentials, LLC

Ann Davis, RRT-NPSThe Respiratory SystemPresenter HonorariumNone
Rachel Harris, OTD, OTR/L, CNT, NTMTCNeonatal Skin and Touch: Implications for NICU PracticeConsultant & Presenter for Creative Therapy ConsultantsNone
Aune Hjartarson Nunn, OT Reg (Ont.), CNT, NTMTCBrain & Sensory Development: Applications for Clinical Practice in the NICUConsultant & Presenter for Creative Therapy ConsultantsNone
Elizabeth Jeanson, PT, DPT, CNT, NTMTCThe 5th Vital Sign: The Vital Nature of Pain Management for Preterm InfantsPresenter Honorarium

DandeLION Medical – See below

Virginia McGill, PT. DPT. CNT, NTMTCPositioning & Handling of the NeonatePresenter Honorarium


Product Royalty for NeoBellyBand™ from DandleLION Medical

Bridgette Rillo, MBA, MSN, RNC-NIC, C-ELBW, NTMNCSleep Impacts Brain DevelopmentConsultant & Presenter for Creative Therapy ConsultantsNone
Holly Schifsky, OTR/L, CNT, NTMTC, CBISThe Lymphatic System: Integrating Manual Edema Mobilization within the NICUPresenter Honorarium

Speaker, Education Resources, Inc

Keira Sorrells, BSFCSCommunicating with NICU Parents: It Isn’t Just the Words You SpeakPresenter Honorarium

Founder & Executive Director, NICU Parent Network

Erin Springer. MOTR/L, CNT, NTMTCAnatomy: Bones & MusclesConsultant & Presenter for Creative Therapy Consultants

Owner, Pacific Pediatric Therapy

Michelle Ulrich, OTR/L, CNT, NTMTCLiving a Great StoryPresenter HonorariumNone
Kara Ann Waitzman, OTR/L, CNT, NTMTCNeonatal Abstinence Syndrome: Getting Beyond the Diagnosis

Infant-Driven Caregiving

Integration of Neurodevelopmental Positioning Products

President, Creative Therapy Consultants

Founder, Neonatal Touch & Massage Certification

Course Sponsorship, In-Kind Support, Financial Support
In-Kind Support – Pampers Professional is proud to support Creative Therapy Consultants’ vision to improve the lives of NICU babies and families through healthcare provider education and skill development. Pampers is providing In-Kind support by funding two scholarships for each of CTC’s Neonatal Touch & Massage Certifications (NTMC®). A NTMC Hosting Scholarship is available for one professional from the NTMC Hosting Site and a Surprise & Delight Scholarship is available for a NTMC Candidate who is self pay. Pampers has no input into the planning, delivery, content or evaluation of NTMC.

No one with the ability to control the content of this activity has a relevant financial relationship to disclose except for presenter Elizabeth Jeanson and Virginia McGill. Elizabeth is a clinical consultant for Dandle LION Medical, and all of the financial relationships listed for this individual have been mitigated. Virginia owns NeoPT, LLC, and receives product royalty for NeoBellyBand™ from DandleLION Medical, and all of the financial relationships listed for this individual have been mitigated.

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