I am always blown away by the content of each recertification! I have been a NICU nurse for 20 years and I love it now more than than ever. Each recertification I am reminded of how much there is to learn and change in my already awesome unit. Thank you for providing these amazing resources to help us take better care of our tiny patients and their families!

Sunny, RN

Continues to be one of the best courses I have taken since becoming a clinician. I HIGHLY recommend it to all therapists, especially those working in a NICU setting!

Meredith Knapp, OT

EVERY Neonatal care giver should be certified!

Darlene Woo, RN

My heart smiles when I hear a parent/staff thank me for sharing the benefits of infant massage and also teaching them the art of how to make a baby happy and relaxed through a hands-on listening touch massage technique.

Dishon Moore, BSN, RN

This was the most in depth and empowering course I have ever taken. I am scheduled to take my CNT exam next week and I feel beyond prepared! Thank you for all your support and an amazing learning experience!

Jackie Molina, SLP

Fantastic job of changing this to a virtual format – I had so wanted to come in person but couldn’t wait. Really well done to make this happen in unforgettable 2020!!! Just wish I could have experienced hands on & in person.

Heather Horn, OT

Wow! What an amazing box to receive. This is how you do remote learning. I was so impressed. This box not only had everything, the amount of thought that went into it made me feel very well cared for. Each item was very intentional and was placed with such thought. Thank you!

Meghan Ball PT, MSPT

This was an amazing surprise–the details that went into putting these packages together was incredible. It is very apparent that CTC has a passion for this material and making sure that clinicians are supported in their learning.

Anne Szmergalski, OT

This course has taught me SO much!! The speakers are incredibly knowledgeable and easy to listen to. I love that it’s conversational with allowances for any question. This will be a practice change for me, a new lens to see, interact and heal babies.

Ginger Hejtmancik, MS, CCC-SLP, CNT

This course is absolutely incredible. We are so lucky to be able to do the work we do with our babies and we make a difference. I feel that we literally CAN change the world using the knowledge gained in this course.

Taylor Stockstad, OT

“Neonatal touch and Massage Certification is one I will definitely keep and continue learning throughout my career.  I have seen improvement in the way I care for my babies, more confidence with my treatments, as well as great strides in my little patients.  Thank you for providing me an avenue of learning that has impacted my NICU practice in so many positive ways.”

Kristina Gent, PT

“So, thank you for setting up this course to give us even more purpose in the NICU. Because of this course, I am able to better advocate for my little patients and their families and to physically provide (through touch, massage, positioning, handling, trigger point therapy, containment and positive touch) all the measures my tiny patients need in order to have a more successful pathway toward discharge.”

Ashley German, OT

“Infant driven caregiving and all aspects of the NTMC have been extremely useful in my last 2 years with helping define my role and building my skills as a therapist.”

Courtney Johnson, OT

“I am so glad I did the recertification.   It was a great review and reminded me of how much of a difference we can make with the infants.    It got me excited again like I was at the initial certification course!!”

Beth Swiercz, OTR

“NTMTC has been a blessing in my care delivery.  A blessing, not only in seeing the physical changes of muscular elongation, improved sleep, improved overall state regulation, etc., but in seeing the bond it can create and foster within a family.  Having a baby is about creating a family and many feel that the NICU can rob them of this experience; how humbling it can be to restore, even a small sense, a family.”

Marielle Schmidt, PT

“I have been a practicing NICU nurse, all at the same hospital, for over 29 years. I have seen a lot of things come and go. After taking the NTMC certification course approximately 4 years ago, and now re-certifying for the second time, I know that NTMC is a profound practice changer. I have used much of this information in personal practice of being a NICU nurse, serving the babies I have been taking care of and improving their outcomes. Along with enhancing parenting relationships with their babies, it also nurtures parental relationships with the nurse, and the entire healthcare team that is taking care of their baby. I personally want to thank you for developing and providing NTMC certification.”

Steve Wiegele, RN

“This certification has taught me so much in giving the best care I can to my patients. I wish I had taken it years ago and every NICU nurse and therapist would be required to take it.”

Miranda Barger, RN

I appreciate being reminded about the importance of neuroprotective and family centered developmental care core measures. Your passion about partnering with families, positioning and handling, safeguarding sleep, protecting skin, minimizing stress, providing care in a healing environment, optimizing nutrition, etc. never gets old. 

Darlene Bickett, OT

Love, love, love this course and one of the best clinical certifications and CEU’s I could have taken to advance my practice in NICU.

Alison Chapa , OT

I absolutely love everything about the neonatal touch and massage from the original certification to even the past two recertification’s I have completed.  I really appreciate how each recertification has been more advanced and not just a repeat.  I cannot thank all of you enough for the knowledge and growth your certification has enabled me to have as a clinician.

Michelle Allain, PT

I always look forward to this educational opportunity and the support you provide year round. THANK YOU.

June Stufflet, PT

Everyone that works in a NICU should see these webinars.

Heather Batman, OT

Great review with additional and new information.

Christy Hennessey, OT

This was a wonderful offering!  The expertise and passion of the presenters was evident. Thank you!!

Deb Mattingly, PT

I absolutely loved the videos on massage and trigger point releases.  The reference sheet will be a great resource as well!!!  All time very well spent and relevant to daily practice in the NICU.  Loved the recertification webinars!

Heidi Trainor, OT

The massage and trigger point video review was excellent and perhaps the most valuable piece of the recertification training for me. It was very helpful to have a visual review of these skills.

Katherine McCollum, PT

Excellent webinars and recertification!

Colleen Quinn, PT

I truly enjoyed this continuation of my certification! Every webinar was valuable for my professional development and improving care within my unit.

Stacy Zediker, PT

The course was an excellent review of the massage literature, use of myofascial trigger point releases and the developmental progression of the preterm infant. The presentation on post traumatic stress disorder made me stop and think about how parents cope with the stress of having a premature infant in the NICU and how important our interactions are to help them thru this process. The massage recertification process was a worthwhile endeavor.

Nancy Hawes Bernbaum, PT

Thank you so much for your excellent training and learning experiences!! They have mightily influenced my practice and fueled my fire in my work with infants, medically fragile children and their families.

Mary Robinson, OT

NTMC is hands down the best continuing education course I’ve ever taken. Informative, practical, and immediately usable, it gives a practitioner the why and the how, both elements that are crucial for best practice and compassionate care. Take this course. Your future self with thank you!

Kelly Simpson, MOT OTR/L NTMTC

Thank you for all of the wonderful knowledge!  I appreciate it so much, and love to see what a difference it makes!

April Egland, RN

This is an awesome course!  The best money I’ve spent since getting my degrees.

Meredith Knapp, OT

I really liked the videos because it demonstrated implementation of the techniques, location of trigger points, parent teaching/education, positioning and so many other helpful things in addition to the main topic or purpose of the video.  The exemplar helped me reflect on what I had accomplished rather than focus on how much more I would like/need to do – which can seem overwhelming sometimes.  And, as you said in your comments writing also helped me reflect on what I would like to work on next (in addition to keeping the momentum going on the current projects).    Thank you for your work in getting the re-certification program together and for your ongoing support in-between!

Jeanne Meinert, PT

I absolutely think your material and presentations are perfectly in line with NIDCAP training.

Lynne Buscaino, RN