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Please register for Phase II On-Line Education & Phase III Hands-On Training below.

YOU MUST APPLY FIRST. If you already applied and received notification of acceptance… please click the link below to register and pay for NTMC. If you have not yet applied, fill out this application.

I understand that the login password I receive from Creative Therapy Consultants (CTC) to view the Neonatal Touch & Massage Certification (NTMC) Phase II: On-Line Education and Phase III: Hands-On Training information, course material and tests are intended for my use only, as an NTMC candidate. I understand the information, course material and tests are owned by CTC and are for the specific purpose of educating myself for completion of NTMC and should not be shared with my colleagues or peers, used as education within my place of employment, or used outside the realm of NTMC. I agree to complete the online education and tests independently and without outside assistance. I also understand that absolutely no part of the training, either On-Line Education or In-Person or Virtual Hands-On Training, may be recorded and completion of course material is required at designated dates to achieve certification.

Furthermore, I understand when registering for a Virtual Hands-On Training, I am responsible for assuring the requirements to attend virtually are met, including a functioning computer with a video/webcam and microphone, adequate internet bandwidth and speed to support continual streaming, competence managing Zoom Virtual Platform and a quiet space for optimal learning. Likewise, if I cannot competently manage the Zoom Virtual Platform, I will not be able to attend virtually and I will need to reschedule for an In-Person Hands-On Training when space allows, with the possibility of additional costs. 

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Tacoma, WA

NTMC Hands-On Training

Nurses Attend Day 1
Fee – $650.00

Therapists Attend Days 1 & 2
Fee – $875.00

March 8 & 9, 2024 – SOLD OUT!
March 8March 8 & 9
San Jose, CA (Private for Hosting Hospital)
April 19, 2024 (RNs/NNP/MD only)
April 19
May 3 & 4 2024
May 3May 3 & 4
Tacoma, WA
May 18 & 19, 2024
May 18May 18 & 19
Madison, WI
June 7 & 8, 2024
June 7June 7 & 8
Virtual MN (RNs Only)
June 20, 2024
June 20N/A

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