Neonatal Touch & Massage Recertification IV


Neonatal Touch & Massage Recertification IV was designed based on the topic requests from certified NTMC Professionals to facilitate further expertise and skill building in neuroprotective, family-centered, developmental care. From advanced clinical reasoning to Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, each webinar provides evidenced-based information with clinically applicable takeaways, which can be immediately implemented in your NICU.

NTMC Recertification IV is completed entirely online and provides the opportunity to earn contact hours and maintain professional credentials.

Who is Eligible for Recertification IV?

Recertification IV if offered to all NTMC Professionals who completed Recertification III two years ago. You will remain in the same ‘Spring’ or ‘Fall’ Recertification group from previous Recertifications.

  • Spring – You will receive information by February 1st with completion required by May 31st
  • Fall – You will receive information by August 2nd with completion required by November 12th

Recertification IV Details


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