Neonatal Touch & Massage Recertification II

BlackBabyCloseUp300NTMC Recertification II was designed to help advance your own practice while also providing you the support and guidance to enhance the practice and care provided in your unit. This educational opportunity will provide the tools needed to take the information you’ve acquired over the last 4 years and complete your own quality improvement project.

The learning content will help guide you through objectively identifying needs in your unit, providing education, auditing progress and maintaining gains. Specific instructional videos, audit tools, parent surveys and staff surveys will be provided with this education as well.

Who is Eligible for Recertification II?

Recertification II if offered to all NTMC Professionals who completed Recertification I two years ago. You will remain in the same ‘Spring’ or ‘Fall’ Recertification group from previous Recertifications.

  • Spring – You will receive information by February 1st with completion required by May 31st
  • Fall – You will receive information by August 2nd with completion required by November 12th

Recertification II Details


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