BlackBabyCloseUp300NTMC Ongoing Recertification was designed to help advance your own practice while also providing you the support and guidance to enhance the practice and care provided in your unit. The content of NTMC Ongoing Recertification is completely updated every 2 years to ensure learners are provided with completely new, evidenced based, up to date information during each Recertification.

The current NTMC Ongoing Recertification course helps develop a deeper understanding and integration of trauma-informed caregiving, optimal nutrition and feeding, the use of massage, touch, and an optimal sensory environment to maximize infant development and minimize negative outcomes from stress and pain.

Who is Eligible for NTMC Ongoing Recertification?

NTMC Ongoing Recertification is offered to all NTMC Professionals (which includes OT, PT, SLP, and RNs) who completed Initial Recertification two years ago. Unsure when you’re due to recertify? Click here to search for your name in the NTMC Directory and find out!

Registration is open yearly from May through August. You will receive a reminder email at the time it opens. There is no action required at this time.

Recertification Ongoing Details