The NTMC Certification process has three phases:

Phase I: Application and Registration

  • Complete and submit the application including your selection of where you plan to complete your Hands-On Training
  • Complete and submit the verification form verifying 1000 hours worked in the NICU or SCN.
  • Once accepted, you will register and receive an NTMC identification number and instructions on how to proceed to Phase II.

Phase II: Neonatal On-Line Education

  • Complete all On-Line Educational webinars (at your convenience) provided by experts from the United States and Canada.
  • Complete and pass (>80%) the short test after each webinar.
  • Obtain CEUs for the 15 hours of On-Line Education (OT, PT, RN)

Phase III: Hands-On Training (offered both In-Person and Virtual)

  • Attend one day (Nurses) or two days (Therapists) of Hands-On Training.
  • Complete and pass (>80%) the final exam, which includes video analysis.
  • Obtain CEUs for the 15 hours of Hands-On Training (OT, PT, RN)
  • Earn Professional Credentials: NTMTC (Therapists) or NTMNC (Nurses)

Upon completion of all three Phases, you will receive NTMTC (therapists) or NTMNC (nurses) credentials for your professional signature and be placed in our directory of NTMC professionals!

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