I love how Kara Ann and Shannon present the perfect mix of slides, hands-on, and casual but professional conversation. She is open to all questions and very easy to talk to.

Samantha Sachau, PT

Having done a lot of self-teaching and searching for good learning opportunities over the past 10 years to develop my NICU skills and a therapy program in my NICU- this was one of the best classes I have taken for direction on massage as well as to the developmental care. Even though I came in feeling like a fairly skilled therapist- I learned a lot and have new techniques/ideas/projects to bring back to my unit—some I am excited to try tomorrow!

Shannon Brinker, OTR

Excellent course! Loved the practice sessions with scenarios: then massage. Great use of videos.

Jennifer Phelan, RN

Excellent certification. I learned so much about many different aspects of NICU developmental care and massage. I cannot wait to take everything back to my unit and make a difference for our babies!

Teresa Streeter, RN

Overall, I feel like I am a good nurse, but this course has given me the knowledge and tools to provide excellent, developmentally friendly care; as well as to empower parents to comfort their baby.

Laura Smith, RN

I really enjoyed this course and every single thing I learned will enhance my practice and improved my knowledge immensely! This is hands down the BEST course I have ever taken yet in my nurse’s career and I will encourage all of my co-workers (RNs) to take this course! P.S. Kara is an awesome instructor and her enthusiasm for Neonatal Touch and Massage is contagious!

Rachel Roderick, RN

You were excellent at teaching and demonstrating! Information was all relevant. Really enjoyed listening and learning from you!

Amy Levin, RN

Awesome teaching humor and hands on care. Best touch and massage teaching. Anxious to practice and become “massage queen and educator”. Thank you for your hard work and experience.

Kathleen Ewing, RN

I’ve always done swaddled baths (baby spas!) it’s nice to see the evidence for it. Thank you for invigorating my practice and love for these babies by supporting how powerful daily positive touch can be!!

Darlene Woo, RN

This is the BEST course I have taken. Every nurse in my unit needs to take this course.

Georgie McAbee, RN

Well taught! Great class!

Kianna Brown, RN

This was the best NICU course I have attended. I will be able to use the information I learned in my NICU and be able to “impact” the neuro and gross motor development of the babies I see. Improving their overall outcome. Thank you.

Natalie Watzl, OT

Excellent hands-on learning labs, appreciate the quick feedback to techniques; instructors were able to give real world examples to support learning.

Heather King, OT

Excellent training, presentation and new material. Can’t wait to get back to the hospital to implement and share what I have learned. I expect this movement to change our NICU care.

Ann Sutlive, PT

This was awesome and learned so many new things to take back and apply right away and others to work towards! Enjoyed teaching style of interaction!

Kelly Hill, OT

This is a career changing course. I loved first the focus on the babies and their families, then moving into touch and massage. This is a great certification for all NICUs.

Jessica Sizemore, PT

This course will change my practice! The way I interact, touch, and handle a baby will be more effective, efficient, and meaningful based on this education. I have also learned that I have been under-utilized in my NICU and I can have a greater impact to nursing, families, and patients!

Krissie Bauer, PT

Thank you for this excellent, practical course. I really appreciate your passion! Thank you!

Ginger Bearden, PT

Excellent content! Definitely will be using these techniques right away when I get back to the unit. Wish I could have had others from my unit experience this process. Wish it was 3 days.

Courtney Johnson, OT

I have learned so much in the last 2 days that I have ever learned in any CE course ever. I can’t wait to get back on the unit! I didn’t want the course to end! Thank you for sharing your knowledge !

Angela Trager, OT

Excellent course! Treatment strategies that were taught and practiced, will be tried with my neonates when I go back to work.

Kynthia Marinkovich, OT

Excellent course! Kara Ann’s passion is contagious and will definitely make you want to change the way you treat NICU babies! A wealth of knowledge that is a great addition to any NICU worker’s toolkit!

Ashley Peevy, PT

Wonderful course! Kara Ann is full of knowledge and her passion is contagious!

Stephanie Duke, PT

This course was an excellent review and presentation of new material that will help me and my co-­workers improve our NICU.

Cameron Harris, OT

Amazing course, almost wish it was 5 days. I would definitely take another course that goes deeper into these topics. Can’t wait to share with my unit!!

Marielle Memmer, OT

Very informative and pertinent. It will be so useful in helping my babies in the NICU to improve function.

Amie Manicop, OT

Wonderful Course! Very valuable and useful information. Practice was so helpful. I really enjoyed this course so much. I feel like I learned so much and many techniques that I can incorporate in my daily practice in the NICU to make a difference with our babies.

Lauren Hughes, OT

Kara Ann is completely passionate and knowledgeable about the quality of care in the NICU. She is totally engaging, interesting and compassionate. I wasn’t bored for one moment during 2 full days of learning. Kara Ann is very generous about sharing her knowledge and her time. She definitely wants to create quality therapists who will succeed in the NICU. You feel as though you are totally supported in your NICU endeavors. I highly recommend this course. I expect that it will elevate my practice significantly.

Stefanie Steinberger, PT

Kara Ann was a wonderful presenter. She made the information easy to understand. I left the course energized and full of knowledge!!

Samantha Panighetti, OT

Unbelievable!! So motivated and excited to return to the NICU! Best CEUs ever taken. Well presented, paced and developed from Phase 1 thru 3. Thank you so much!

Matthew Leocha, PT

Very eye opening and exciting to put this into practice.

Lindsay Tice, PT

A wealth of knowledge from the presenter Kara Ann. This course gave me a whole new view of NICU practices and helped me solidify current practices. I highly recommend this course.

Anna Godelman, SLP

Exceptional Concept info. Loved the research info and how to use all the “tools of the toolbox together”. I’ve practiced 26 years and 2 years in the NICU. This was awesome for me!

Jeanne Shellenberger, OT

This was, by far, the best course I have ever attended. My current knowledge and practice was supported while teaching me many more principles and techniques I can incorporate to further my practice and also for greater change for my patients.

Amanda Broadhurst, OT

An excellent course!! Wish I could have every therapist, nurse, NNP, resident, respiratory therapist and neonatologist take this course.

Pam Green, OT