I always enjoy the webinars. This is a well done program and I always learn something new.  Thank you again. 

Anita Smith, RN

All webinars were extremely beneficial. I really enjoyed hearing all of the personal experiences included in some of the webinars. All information presented will help in my continued growth as a therapist in the NICU. So glad I decided to become recertified in this specialized area. Thank you!

Jan Harris, OT

The education and skills learned through NTMC have changed every aspect of my care.  I now have a heightened awareness of what each infant needs and am better equipped to address those issues.  Looking forward to continuing this practice throughout my career. 

Erin Ponte, OT

The NTMC is an excellent course. It looks at the baby and family unit and provides information and therapeutic information that can be incorporated immediately.

Maricela Robles, SLP

NTMC has positively impacted my NICU skills more than any other continuing education I have participated in.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Joy Bradley, PT

Down to earth not a lot of fluff. Enjoyable and educational.

Melody Jorgensen, RN

It was  a wonderful review and the new information was very interesting and informative.  I especially enjoyed the massage and trigger point videos.

Mary Fortin, PT

Not only did this course refresh and enhance my knowledge for my work in the NICU, it also served to re-energize me in the importance and need for therapeutic work to be done.  And I really appreciate the emphasis on looking at the whole infant and family system, since there can be so much stress on all involved.  Really glad to see more work looking at the potential for anxiety and PTSD with NICU parents/families, and how we as providers can have better understanding of their experience.

Mary DiGeronimo, OT

Absolutely love neonatal touch and massage and feel so blessed to be able to be a part of this education and certification training. Thank you.

Roma Sant, RN

I found the information vey relevant to what I do in the NICU.

Marie Schilling, OT

The updated massage films and the outstanding visual aids demonstrating trigger point releases were a great addition to our original training. The quality of these recordings provide the benefit of authentic demonstration. 

Mary Reid, OTR

This is a realistic approach to massage for NICU patients well worth the training and application. 

Carol Turnage Spruill, RN

I love this training and will continue to recertify as it is so helpful and beneficial to my practice in the NICU.

Colleen Shine, OT

Enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. Been a nurse for 27 years and this was the best conference I’ve ever attended.

Wendy Bissonnette, RN

This certification course was amazing! I felt the labs were very good for practice. I also liked how there was opportunity during lunch to have conversations with therapists from other hospitals and talk about practices and improvements. There was time for questions which I loved.

Bridget Johnson, OT

It was a pleasure; so well done. I feel that it is a lot of info for a two day: this is info I’ll need to review, process and practice. Thank you for everything!

Arlene Verno, PT

It’s crazy how I’ve taken a variety of courses and conferences trying to gain this knowledge that you put together in one place!! You are the most amazing entrepreneur and you really are going to change the world of NICUs! I believe in you!!

Jennifer Peat, PT

Absolutely amazing course! Loved Kara Ann’s teaching style and passion to inspire change in our units. Thank you for your passion!

Lois Holsinger, OT

A great hands-on approach with excellent ways/ideas to implement into practice. Intentional caregiving brings the focus back to the baby, as a baby, and is a wake-up call that is much needed. Left me wanting/excited to continue to learn.

Christie Welliver, OT

This was the best and most applicable continuing education course I have taken!

MariAlice Cunningham, PT

Amazing learning experience! Kara Ann is a delight and provides a wealth of useful information that will make a huge positive impact to my emerging NICU practice skills and help to develop my NICU program @ my hospital. I wish I had her daily mentoring!

Stephanie Jones, OT

You are awesome. We need you every month!

Mary Sue King, PT

This course contains SO MUCH MORE valuable info than just massage, so I think the title should be changed to reflect that. I think that a few more of RNs might have attended if they knew that this course was so packed with amazing info on whole-baby care in the NICU!

Chloe Schilhab, PT

This is one of the best NICU courses I’ve been to! There were so many things I can start practicing and begin using when I get home; as well as ideas to start changing the culture in the NICU over time.

Sarah Beaudreau, OT

Kara, you are awesome. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, passion, and clinical wisdom. You are an inspiration- please keep teaching!

Sheri Ricciardi, OT

This course provided foundational information! As a fairly new NICU SLP, I feel more confident in handling and positioning infants. Thank you, Kara Ann!

Jackie Contreras, SLP

Excellent information and presented in a way that was very interesting, engaging, and easy to understand.

Betsy Johnson, OT

Both speakers were tremendous in presenting information.

Carrie Hagen, RN

This was very well presented. It was also informative and fun. I really enjoyed this and will use it greatly. Thank you so much!

Judy Trites, RN

So great for preparation for our Small Baby Unit!

Christine Popielarczyk, RN

Great Information!

Sandra Damon, RN

What an excellent course. I’m so excited to incorporate this into my care.

Dawn Zuberbuhler, RN

Excellent training experience: Presenters were so positive and it was evident that they have a contagious passion for giving the best care to our littlest humans. I feel empowered to better care for my patients and their families.

Danielle Brinkmeier, RN

Excited to bring information & techniques back to NICU! Super Duper excited to teach parents infant massage and MOST IMPORTANTLY make a difference in a neonate’s life.

Kristi Dugan, OTR

Excellent Course! Cannot wait to take this back to our NICU!

Laura Pfeiffer, PT