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is a brand new, exclusively neonatal, one-of-a-kind certification for neonatal healthcare providers. NTMC® combines a holistic, neonatal and systems theory approach to massage, with an emphasis on families and nurturing opportunities, while elevating the standard of care that neonatal caregivers provide in their daily practice.

The Certification has been developed with a 3-fold purpose: to help NICU babies, families, and staff. It’s all about maximizing positive long-term development of the infant and giving families the opportunity and tools to bond with their infant. Among other things, you will…

  • learn specific touch and massage techniques to maximize growth, sleep, and comfort;
  • sharpen your observation skills of neonates, increase your knowledge of infant development, and raise your understanding of the incredible effects of touch; and
  • facilitate bonding for infants and parents while optimizing infant development.

The Certification process has three phases:

  • Phase I – Application and Registration
  • Phase II – On-Line Education
  • Phase III – Hands-On Training

Phase I: Submit your application for acceptance into NTMC. Once accepted, simply register to begin your On-Line Education experience and choose your Hands-On Training locations.

Phase II: Complete the On-Line Education and pass each exam. Phase II must be completed before attending the Hands-On Training .

Phase III: Choose from one of the locations offered to participate in a 2-day (therapists) or 1-day (nurses) Hands-On Training and pass the final exam.

Upon completion of Phases I, II, and III, you will receive NTMTC (therapists) or NTMNC (nurses) credentials for your professional signature and be placed in our directory of NTMC professionals!

CEUs Provided for Phase II & Phase IIII Hands-On Training:

Phase II NTMC On-Line Education and Phase III NTMC Hands-On Training have been approved by the California Board of Registered Nurses, for 18.0 and 8.4 contact hours, respectively.

14.5 Continuing Education Hours were awarded for Occupational Therapists through the Ohio OTPTAT Board for Phase III NTMC Hands-On Training and for 15 Continuing Education Hours for Occupational Therapists from the Ohio OTPTAT Board for Neonatal Touch & Massage On-Line Education.

15.5 Continuing Education Hours have been awarded for Physical Therapists by the Ohio Physical Therapy Association, the Texas Physical Therapy Association, Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association and the California Physical Therapy Association for Phase III Hands-On Training.  15.0 Continuing Education Hours have been awarded for Physical Therapists for the Neonatal Touch & Massage On-Line Education through the California Physical Therapy Association and the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association.

At this time CEUs have not been obtained for Speech Language Pathologists.

To apply for participation: You must be a neonatal occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech language pathologist, or registered nurse with a minimum of 1000 hours experience in the neonatal intensive care unit or special care nursery.

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If you have questions, please email info@infantdriven.com.